Conference Tracks

There are four Tracks in this conference.

(Track Chair: Prof. Brian Yuliarto, Muhammad Arief Budiman, Ph.D)

This Track covers all innovations and inventions in technology using local resources used as solutions to solve local problems. The technology can be in forms of equipment, methods, or software.

(Track Chair: Dr. Wawan Dhewanto, Prof. Sukree Langputeh)

This Track covers all alternative solutions offered to solve social and economic problems. For examples: research about social problems, small and medium enterprise units, or domestic industries.

(Track Chair: Dr. Teti A. Argo, Prof. Ibrahim Ngah)

This Topic covers solutions to preserve culture or local values, also alternatives to institutional system development.

(Track Chair: Fikri Zul Fahmi, Ph.D, Dr. Li Zhang)

This Topic covers emerging spatial, socio-economic and institutional features, challenges and solutions to Asian small town planning and rural change, Indentity and transformation.