Hello! We are proud to present our 1st International Conference on Rural Development and Community Empowerment (Endinamosis 2015) on 21st of November 2015. This event is an official event of Center of Rural Empowerment (P2D) for wide-ranging, interdisciplinary discussion covering both academia and research. Endinamosis 2015 will bring together experts and leaders from the academic and business world in an open forum to brainstorm some of the recent pressing issues faced by scholars and academic, seeking to define questions, pursuing answer, searching for research synergies and more; to both reflect on the recent past, and look forward in exchanging ideas and findings, in the exciting environment of Bandung, Indonesia. As the result of this conference, we offer you a chance to publish your paper into an international journal.

The conference consists of 3 main events; Keynote Speech, Parallel Session, and Info Graphic Exhibition. Please find out the details of each main event on this site.

Author with Abstract Registered

14th of November 2015

Author with Full Paper Only

14th of November 2015

Conference Topics

There are three topics in this national conference. Those topics are used both for paper and info graphic. Here are the details:

Applied Technology

This covers all innovations and inventions in technology using local resources used as solutions to solve local problems. The technology can be in forms of equipment, methods, or software.


This covers all alternative solutions offered to solve social and economic problems. For examples: research about social problems, small and medium enterprise units, or domestic industries.

Cultural Preservation and Institutional Development

This covers solutions to preserve culture or local values, also alternatives to institutional system development.


21st of November 2015
Gedung Kuliah Umum (GKU)
ITB Jatinangor Campus


Author with abstract registered
October 29th 2015 : full paper submission
November 2nd 2015 : re-submission full paper

Author with abstract registered
November 7th 2015 : full paper submission
November 17th 2015 : re-submission full paper

Regular: IDR 1.200.000 or USD 100 (non indonesian)
Student: IDR 600.000 or USD 50 (non indonesian)

Info Graphic:
IDR 700,000 or USD 65 (non indonesian)


Public Lecturer Registration (Indonesian only):
November 15th 2015
Regular: IDR 50,000
Student: IDR 25.000

Formatting Guidelines

All Paper and Info Graphic submitted should be written in ENGLISH


1. Prospective author has to follow format of the manuscript as written in the document attached below this page
2. Please save your full paper in (.doc) or (.docx) format to be reviewed by the reviewers
3. Send the manuscript to endinamosis2015@gmail.com

download paper template

1. Made as poster on A1 paper size
2. Design it as creative as possible
3. Please note your email address as the maker at the right bottom of your info graphic
4. Send an abstract about your info graphic (no more than half page of A4 paper size) in (.pdf) format by email to endinamosis2015@gmail.com
5. Please kindly send the printed version of the poster to our secretariat

How to Register

Paper/Info Graphic Author

1. All registration should be done together with the submission by email (file attached in the same email)
2. Please put these informations in your email content:
– Name
– Institution
– Topic category
– Title of paper/info graphic
3. Wait for our respond before sending your submission fee as a notice that you have been registered to the conference

Public Lecturer Participant

1. Please simply click our REGISTER NOW column below
2. Please put your name and institution as needed in the content (put ‘-‘ in Title and Abstract if you are registering as participant)
3. Confirm via WA/Email to our official contact
4. Wait for our respond before sending your registration fee as a notice that you have been registered to the conference

Payment Procedure

If your are interested in joining this International Conference either as public lecture participant or presenter (author), you could pay the conference fee via bank transfer to:
Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) under name of Maharani Ayu Anggani
Account Number: 0199211378
You can transfer the fee after receiving our notice for your registration. Unless you send the proof of payment for the conference fee by email or WA, you will not be officially registered.


Registration fee covers seminar kit, certificate, and snack. Authors who submit papers and info graphics have right to participate both in Keynote Speech and Parallel Session, and publish their papers within our International Journals. There will be no refund for public lecture participant, as for authors, refund can be done due to cancellation or option change by contacting our official email endinamosis2015@gmail.com

Available Accommodation

Here are some Hotels, Guest Houses, and Rooms which you can rent during our conference

Jatinangor Hotel & Restaurant
Jl. Raya Jatinangor No.13-15
022-7795784 / 7795785
(Price start from IDR 450)

La Fasa Hotel
Jl Raya Jatinangor No 54
(022) 7781515
(Price Start From IDR 320)

Wisma Kan Kan
Jl. Raya Jatinangor No 90
(022) 7781820
(Price Start From IDR 100)

Puri Khatulistiwa
Jl. Raya Jatinangor KM.20
022 7791000
(Price Start From IDR 380)

Wisma Caringin
Jl. Raya Jatinangor 122
(Price Start From IDR 150)

Pusdiklat Gerkopin-Induk KUD
Jln. Kolonel Ahmad Syam No. 10 (Sayang) Jatinangor
(022) 7796048
(Price Start From IDR 150)

Citra Papan
Jln. Raya Bandung-Sumedang km.20 Jatinangor
(022) 7797786
(Price Start From IDR 150)

Bumi Kartika Asri
Jln. Caringin no.20, KM 21 Jatinangor
(022) 7781890
(Price Start From IDR 300)

Hotel Milenia
Jln. Percobaan no 38, Cileunyi
(022) 7801845
(Price Start From IDR 85)

Bandung Giri Gahana Golf & Resort
Jl. Raya Bandung-Sumedang km. 21 Jatinangor
(022) 7798401
(Price Start From IDR 550)

Bale Padjadjaran
Jl. Raya Bandung-Sumedang km. 21 Jatinangor
(022) 7790047
(Price Start From IDR 250)

Asrama ITB Jatinangor
ITB Jatinangor Campus
(Price Start From IDR 100)

Find Us

Email : endinamosis2015@gmail.com
Contact : Sarah Najmilah (+6281213534743)
Endinamosis Secretariat: UPT Pengembangan Manusia dan Organisasi (PMO) ITB Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Jl. Tamansari No. 73, Bandung 40132, Indonesia