Field Trip

This email is to inform you that there will be a one-day field trip for those who participated in the Endinamosis 2019, The 3rd International Conference on Rural Development and Community Empowerment to Lyco Farm and Kawah Putih in Bandung field trip. This exciting field trip will take place on Sunday, November 3rd, 2019. While in Lyco Farm and Kawah Putih, participants will enjoy various activities that allow you to explore Bandung nature and rural development. Participants will share in a range of activities including farm and Kawah Putih exploring.

Lyco Farm is a farm that grows organic vegetables. Their produce is the next evolution in farming. Every crop planted in Lyco Farm is precisely cared for, without any pesticides. Lyco Farm supplies more than 40 modern supermarkets with pesticide-free vegetables with precision farming implementation and sustainability supply to the market. Located in Desa Tenjolaya, Bandung Regency, Lyco Farm has more than 20 kinds of organic vegetables with more than 50 partners in Indonesia. Kawah Putih is a striking crater lake and tourist spot in a volcanic crater in Ciwidey, Bandung Regency.

The trip was made to build knowledge in rural development in Bandung and experience Bandung attractions. The approximate cost of this trip is Rp.300.000 per participant. This fee will cover expenses including the bus, lunch, snacks, Kawah Putih entry ticket, and activity fees. We enclosed the itinerary for this trip as an attachment to this email for your reference.

If you have questions about the trip, kindly send an email to We look forward to an exciting trip with you. Thank you.